This Reamer is used to Cut or Clean. For reaming out a drilled hole to accept Morse Taper Shank tooling. With a square end for holding. SOCKET REAMER / MORSE TAPER FINISHING / ROUGHING REAMER • Available in Straight Flute and Spiral Flute. • Used for Finishing. • Available in Straight Shank or Taper Shank. • Taper Shanks is used for production Machine reaming of Tapered holes for morse Taper Shanks. • Straight Shank is used for finishing or removal of burs and Nicks in machine spindles. • Made from High Speed Steel. • Square end on straight shank allows reamer to be held in a Tap Wrench. • Available in Roughing and Finishing Reamer. • For use by Hand or Machine. • Suitable for tool rooms & Workshop use. • Rougher, opens out existing parallel holes. • Finishing, to be used after rougher for final sizing.

Machine tools - metal machining
  • Morse Taper Reamer / Socket Reamer / Roughing Reamer Manufacturer and Exporter India
  • reamers
  • machine tools

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