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MosaIQ Zoo

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MosaIQ Zoo is a game for all children as from 3 years and can be played indoors and outdoors. It develops motor skills, cooperation, coordination, memory, strategic thinking... and stimulates the psychomotor development of children through a range of activities that are at the same time athletic, educational and fun. With young children, the focus will be on play and history. The animal cards also offer many opportunities for play, conversation, movement and even orientation. With a group of older participants, more motivated by competition, the instructor will focus more on teamwork, as well as on the benefits of constructive cooperation. The instructor leads the game, tells the story described in the rules of the game and determines the different parameters according to the children’s age and abilities. Participants are divided into teams of 2 to 6 players and are the "guardians of the zoo"; they must capture and bring back to their cage the "runaway animals" (from the...

Product features

Ref. M414980
Age 3 - 8 years old

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