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Staying in control has never been easier. Intelligent dc motor control electronics. All current, speed and position controllers are specially designed for brushed DC and brushless DC motors up to 700 W. CANopen or EtherCAT allow for easy integration of your network. The ESCON 4-Q servo controllers provide power and highly precise speed control for maxon brushed DC and brushless DC (maxon EC) motors , in a compact design. For simple speed control applications of brushless DC motors, we offer 1-Q servo amplifiers with a modular design available. All amplifiers feature a variety of useful additional functions. When more than just speed and torque control is required and recurring positioning processes with complex trajectories have to be executed use maxon positioning controllers. With the EPOS2 and EPOS3 (Easy Positioning System) controllers, a modular product line is available for DC brushed and brushless motors. The newest addition to the high-performance range of positioning controllers are the MAXPOS controllers. Current and speed controllers: DEC Module: 1-quadrant brushless DC (maxon EC) motor amplifier for speed control ESCON: 4-quadrant servo controller for current and speed control Positioning controllers: EPOS2: Easy Positioning System with CANopen interface and Interpolated Position Mode EPOS2 P: The programmable positioning controller with CANopen interface EPOS3: Easy Positioning System with EtherCAT interface and CoE (CAN application layer over EtherCAT) MAXPOS: High-performance positioning controller with EtherCAT interface and CoE (CAN application layer over EtherCAT)Cost-effective, Easy speed-control with Hall sensors up to 250 W.

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