Motor-generator (MG) sets provide load isolation for computers and other sophisticated electrical systems. They can also perform frequency conversion and are used for transformer testing. . Rugged and reliable: The construction of a motor-generator set inherently isolates the generator totally from the incoming mains. The generator and the equipment being powered are protected from voltage sags, surges, or spikes that could cause damage. The generator of the motor-generator set is built to robust NEMA standards and shrugs off short-circuits and overloads. Generous design and precision construction allow KATO™ M-Gs to function trouble-free for decades with only occasional routine maintenance. Our customers have sets in daily use that were manufactured twenty years ago. Kato Engineering provides service to all of its sets, even those that would be considered ancient by the standards of the electronics industry. Quiet power with low distortion: By careful design of windings, we can produce a generator with distortion as low as 1% THD line-to-line. Normally the neutral on these machines is not connected, so third harmonic is virtually zero for balanced load. By using the optimum pitch, fifth and seventh harmonics may be substantially eliminated, and judicious use of skew reduces higher harmonics including slot harmonics. Kato Engineering’s high-voltage form-wound MG sets permit higher output voltages than are available with random windings, simplifying output transformer construction. Our MGs also offer many advantages over solid-state systems With input of 50 or 60 Hz, output frequencies of 50, 60, or 400 Hz are available as standard. For custom designed systems, fixed frequency outputs from 25 Hz to 1200 Hz may be selected, or we can provide continuously variable frequency using a VFD on the motor. Power capacities range from 10 kVA to 20,000 kVA and up, depending upon system requirements. Typically, Kato Engineering furnishes a factory-programmed PLC control panel to provide a complete power conversion or isolation system. The panel is usually unit-mounted but can also be free-standing or wall-mounted. The panel will include the motor starter, output circuit breaker, metering, protective relaying, a voltage regulator and any other required components. Manual and automatic paralleling is also available. Our basic line has the following specifications: Synchronous motor-generator sets Hz kVA Volts 50-50 to 25,000 120 to 13,800 60-60 to 25,000 120 to 13,800 60-400 to 400 120 to 600 50-400 to 300 120 to 600 60-50 to 25,000 120 to 13,800 50-60 to 25,000 120 to 13,800 Other frequencies available: RTF Additional motor-generator sets with controls Variable frequency: up to 25,000 kVA Ride through: avaiable for the entire kVA range Parallel control systems: available for the kVA range General product options Weather-proof enclosures and air filters Trailer mount Distribution panels Custom control systems Reduced current motor starter (lower inrush than full voltage) Standards & certifications available Click here for more construction features. To find out more, please contact us at: or 507-625-4011 Connect With Kato Engineering Downloads

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