Product flyer IP65 - dependability for the off-road biker. A tough plastic case, with charge- and mains cord neatly coiled up inside flanged winding chambers. A pressure vent prevents built- up of condensation inside. Works reliably at -10°C. Selectable charge profiles, f. Lead- and Lithium batteries. Universal-, Gel-, AGM-, Wet- and LiFePO4 batteries. 'Universal' charge mode for batteries of unknown type. 'Recovery Phase' for deep- discharged batteries. 'Maintenance Charge' and 'Auto-Restart' for winter storage. Latest charge mode settings remain active until changed again. LCD-Display keeps the biker informed. A back-lit graphic display with a clearly structured menu, icons and symbols, guides the biker to his battery of choice. Simultaneously displayed is the charge phase the battery is in, charge current and voltage, charged-in capacity and the temperature the battery is exposed to. The battery temperature is monitored. The temperature sensor inside the charge plug causes...

Product features

IP-Rating IP65, waterproof
Chemistry Charge Current Gel, AGM, WET, LiFePo4 and Universal charge mode 2.2A
Operating temperature -20°C to +45°C
Mains-In 100-240VAC/50-60Hz Country specific mains cord
Output DC-Cable 1.2m, with charge plug [DIN ISO-4165, d=12mm] Detachable charge cord with Alligator clamps
Dimension / Weight 100x180x53mm / 700g
Safety Certificates CE, CB
Standard scope of delivery Charger, adaptor cord w. Alligator clamps, storage bag
Modifications Optical characteristics,certificates charging curve

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