MOUNTING SUITABLE FOR MOTORISATION TYPE 97.3 Wheel permanently fixed to axle rotating in bearers with bearings. 1 “Motorisable” wheel mounted on bearers. Adaptation to motor shaft on request. 2 “Idler” wheel on bearers: freely rotating wheel with same overall dimensions as motorisable wheel. From diameter 150 mm, all wheels can be produced in motorisable mounting 97.3. The dimensions of the wheels opposite are given by way of indication. Motorisation can also be carried out on an axle (see page 54 - axles 81/3 - mounting No. 3). FLAT AND DOUBLE FLANGE WHEELS These wheels are produced subject to quotation, ØP of 100 to 600 mm. They are adapted according to the load and the running rail. For a quotation, please supply us with the dimensions below. POSSIBLE WHEEL MOUNTINGS: Nos 97-1, 97-2 or 97-3.


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