Motorized diaphragm valve GEMÜ 649 eSyDrive

The GEMÜ 649 diaphragm valve is actuated by a motorized hollow shaft actuator.


The GEMÜ 649 2/2-way diaphragm valve has a hollow shaft actuator and is electrically operated. The eSyDrive hollow shaft actuator can be operated as an OPEN/CLOSE actuator or as an actuator with integrated positioner or process controller. An integral optical and electrical position indicator is standard. — Hermetic separation between medium and actuator — Installation for an optimised draining is possible — Open/close function, positioner and process controller — Variable force and speed — Diagnostic functions — Operable via web interface eSy-Web — Electrical and mechanical position indicator — Actuator can be positioned in 45° steps

Plumbing, industrial
  • Diaphragm valve

Product features

Body material 1.4408; 1.4435; 1.4539
Body configuration 2/2 way body
Actuator Motorised
Operating pressure 0 to 10 bar
DN 32 to 50
Media temperature -10 °C to 100°C

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