Motorized precision slides PFL / PCL /PKL

Motorized precision slides with integrated linear motor


The highest accuracy class “Ultra-Precision plus” impresses with an accuracy of 0.0005 mm, thus 0.5 µm. Due to the fact that the control unit of the Föhrenbach slides is compatible with the interfaces of almost all measuring systems, this extraordinary repeatability does not depend on a particular system or a specific provider. Föhrenbach profiled guide slides with integrated linear motor are available in the series PFL (with bellows covers) and PCL (with sheet metal covers). For both series three sizes are available. We developed three resp. two linear motors of different force.

Slide production
  • Motorized precision slides
  • slides
  • Mechanical components
  • Föhrenbach slides
  • highest accuracy class 
  • Optimal machine design
  • Strong and reliable
  • Greatest efficiency
  • Highest positioning accuracy

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