F series vertical spur-gear motor-reducers comply with the standards of the widely popular European vertical spur-gear motor-reducers, which are preferred by most of the well-known manufacturers: NORD, SEW-EURODRIVE, MOTOVARIO, TOS-ZNOJMO, VARVEL, etc. Due to the unified connection dimensions the F series can serve as a replacement for failed motor-reducers of the above companies. Main design features: • Modular design principle; • Universal mount; • High efficiency; • Low noise level; • Tempered case-hardened steel gears. Available sizes: 0,37, 047, 057, 067, 077, 087, 097, 107, 127,157

Reducing gears, hydraulic
  • actuators
  • industrial reducers
  • Moto-reducers

Product features

Range of ratios (i) from 3,77 to 281,71
Power range from 0,12 kW to 200 kW
Torque range (М2) from 105 N•m to 12000 N•m

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