Moulded Handwheels & Metal Knobs

Moulded Handwheels, Metal Knobs
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Handwheels & Knobs, or Moulded Handles & Metal Knobs as they can be known are a useful component for adjustment purposes, with the ability to operate basic machinery functions once installed. Coming in 3 main threaded styles, these being male, female and threaded through, you can rest assured that we have the best possible style for your particular use. All available on our website along with the ability to request free samples, check out our full selection of products today.

  • Industrial hardware
  • threaded handwheels
  • control handles
  • threaded knobs

Product characteristics

Styles Available:
Machinery Grips
Metal Knobs
Moulded Handwheels

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ME15 9XU Maidstone - United Kingdom