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Movable belt conveyor - Belt conveyor is the equipment that is found in almost any production today...


Such a device is a mobile belt conveyor that runs constantly, the heart of it is the moving belt. It is worth thinking about how vast the applications of such a mechanism is. In production, a mobile belt conveyor acts as a component of an independent machine, a prime example of which is a grain loader. Main types of belt conveyors At the moment, the market offers mobile belt conveyors of various types, among which are especially in demand: ✅ stationary installations used to move significant volumes of cargo over distances of up to several kilometers; ✅ machines of a mobile and portable type characterized by increased mobility, with their help it is possible to deliver small volumes of cargo over distances not exceeding 20 m; ✅ rotary, conveyors, thanks to which it is possible to transport goods not only in a straight line. Basically, the listed equipment is used together, which makes it possible to provide a cargo path built up to several tens of kilometers in length.

Product information

The highest capacity limit
0.25 - 1000 t / h (with a volumetric flow range of 0.25 - 500 m3 / h)
The smallest capacity limit,% of the largest capacity limit
10% (special version up to 1%)
Ambient temperature, С
-40 .... + 50
Power supply, V
380, three-phase
Power consumption, kW
0.15 ... 5.5
Service life At least
10 years
Protection degree according to GOST 14254-96