Physical protection of mucosal surface and lenitive/soothing activity are two important requirements of formulations designed for sensitive mucosae. Symptoms of sensitive mucosae are due to the disruption of the physiological barrier that makes them more and more vulnerable to external agents, causing therefore irritation, pain and discomfort. MUCOSAVE® CG is a powder extract specifically designed for topical mucosal protection, particularly for sensitive mucosae. It is a blend of two herbal extracts: polysaccharides from cladodes of Opuntia ficus indica and biophenols from olive leaves (Olea europaea). WHAT IT DOES Mucosave® CG exerts a double action: a strong mucoadhesivity due to Opuntia polysaccharides which also have a wound-healing effect and a lenitive action from olive biophenols (1-6). MUCOSAVE® CG is a patented* ingredient that can be used as supportive treatment for mucosal inflammatory reactions and other mucosal conditions (oral and vaginal candidiasis, aphthae, hemorrho

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