Multi Layer Insulation Foil

Multi Foil Insulation


Multi layer Insulation Foil is a multi-layer aluminum foil insulation material produced by multi foil Co ltd. This product has a series of advantages such as low thermal conductivity, small bulk density, stable chemical properties, no aging, no burning, etc. Good construction performance, easy to cut and process, no loss on site, no harmful gas, long-term use performance unchanged The installation is extremely convenient. During construction, you can use an ordinary paper cutter to cut to any size according to your requirements. It won't be broken or elongated. The even and slender fibers are guaranteed to be tightly intertwined with each other, so there is no need to worry about the position of a nail hole in the fixed place. The common thermal insulation material is subjected to vibration or after a period of use, it will be elongated because of the fiber disconnect , Voids appear, leading to the phenomenon of heat loss increasing with time.

Thermal insulation materials
  • Multi Layer Insulation Foil
  • multi-layer aluminum foil insulation
  • thermal insulation material

Product features

Aluminum Facing 7microns aluminum foil
Multi layers 7Layers、19 layers、40layers etc
Surface Color silver/silver
Width 1m / 1.2m / 1.5m / 1.6m
Length 8m/10m/12.5m
Thickness 20mm
Application Roof, Wall & Floor
Original China
Certification ISO9001,CE, ISO14001etc

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