Multi Layer Insulation

Multi Foil Insulation


The heat insulation materials produced by our company are well received by European and American markets. The specifications and layers of multi-layer foil insulation materials can be customized according to customer requirements, giving customers more choices and higher satisfaction. Features: A:Cost saving Solution B:Effective 2 in 1 insulation and vapour control membrane C:Reduces Construction Depth D:Reduces Risk of Condensation E:Non-degradable, can maintain thermal performance and product integrity more effectively

Thermal insulation materials
  • Multi Layer Insulation
  • heat insulation materials
  • foil insulation materials

Product features

Width 1m/1.2m/1.5m/1.6m
Length 8m/10m/12.5m
Product type Overstitching type quilting type ultra sonic welding type hot melt type
Application Roof, Wall & Floor
Original China
Material Polyester

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