Multi-Point Cartridge Lubrication System

Titan Cartridge Luber™


- Pressure to 100 bar - Replace grease cartridge in seconds - Most user friendly multi-point system available - Service up to 12 points form 1 unit - Remote mounting to 10m - Maintenance free for up to 2 years - Available in 400g or 800g sizes - Operating range -20°C to +55°C - Remote control & AC/DC power available The Titan Cartridge Luber is an automatic lubrication system which uses a standard 400g grease cartridge to supply grease to machinery or bearings. This user friendly single or multi-point lubrication system is a powerful and economical approach to industrial lubrication. The Titan grease lubricator will last hundreds of refills, services up to 12 lubrication points, and is unbeatable for significant long term cost reductions.

  • Lubrication equipment and machinery
  • centralised lubrication
  • Lubrication equipment and machinery
  • grease guns

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GY4 6PH St Martins - United Kingdom

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