Multi-cereal with berries

Goat milk-based 7 CEREALS WITH BERRIES cereal


MAMAKO® multi-cereal with berries is a combination of seven grains, berries and a 32% natural goat milk. Summer berries are a real goldmine of vitamins, fiber and organic acids for a baby's health and immunity. The rich composition of the cereal combines the benefits of all of the 7 grains, provide energy and assist with growth and development. Blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries turn it into a real treat. For harmonious growth: Cereal is enriched with 13 vitamins and 7 minerals. Unique goat milk components increase the bioavailability of macro and micronutrients. Ca+Fe+I complex - for the prevention of rickets, iron and iodine deficiency. Growing healthy and tasty made easy: Easy to prepare - cereal does not require cooking, just add warm water. With MAMAKO® baby is full of energy and ready for the new discoveries! Easy to prepare: no need to cook, just add warm water.

Baby foods
  • Goat's milk
  • Multicereal
  • Baby cereal

Product features

weight 200g

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