Multichannel jet-vortex mill MKM-400

Metal powder for various technologies


The MKM-400 multichannel jet-vortex mill is designed to produce ultrafine powders of metals and minerals, such as: metals and alloys based on Cu, Al, Ti, W, Fe, minerals: graphite, basalt, talc, quartz. Grinding of the product to sizes from 1 to 60 microns occurs when the shock-vortex effect is applied to the material. Areas of use: Powder metallurgy; Chemical and medical industry; Building; Creation of new composite materials. The main competitive advantages of our mill: Getting active (low oxygen) metal Preparation of ultrafine powder by dry method Co-grinding and mechanical alloying Grain size distribution for soft materials of almost spherical shape Work in an inert atmosphere in a closed and quasi-closed cycle.

Processing and recycling of waste
  • Metal powders
  • obtaining powders
  • Grinding mills and crushers

Product features

Productivity, kg / hour 5-35 (depending on material)
Power consumption, kW / hour 11-35
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm 1200х920х2100
Grinding degree, units 10
Input material size no more, mm 1

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