Functions: Cavitation treatment Radiofrequency vacuum therapy Radiofrequency lifting (3 nozzles) Advantages of PX-7000+ beauty machine Sensor-based temperature control unit, built in RF nozzles is one of the main advantages of PX-7000+ beauty machine. Due to innovative temperature controlling technology it is possible to take into account all the individual characteristics of the patient. Treatment is absolutely painless, comfortable, doesn’t cause any skin burn. Cavitation.Fatty cells are degraded under the influence of ultrasonic waves. This kind of treatment helps to reduce body fat deposits. PX 7000+ beauty machine also has the mode of radiofrequency vacuum therapy. This kind of aesthetic treatment within a short time allows losing weight, recovering from cellulitis, provides skin lifting effect, improves skin elasticity.

Beauty care - equipment
  • Cavitation
  • radio frequency
  • vacuum therapy
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