TECHNICAL DEFINITION Ready-to-use coating paste coating specially formulated for use on tapered-edge plasterboard joints, to be used with jointing tape. The coating comes mixed : it is suitable for gluing and finishing the tape. COMPOSITION AND APPEARANCE Resin, water, calcium carbonate, preservatives and various additives. The paste is white in colour. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Cracking : Up to 5mm thickness with no cracking. APPLICATION Application is carried out manually, spreading the thinned the product with a coating knife across 10 or 15 cm, before laying the tape in position. In the event of projecting vertical angles, use reinforced tape (frame placed at the side of the panel). Apply tape to the internal ceiling corners, making sure that the concrete is free of any trace of forming oil. The surface must be dry and free of any type of powder or insufficiently adherent product.

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