DESCRIPTION FORSAGE Trans Force GL-4 series of multigrade oils for use in transmissions, manual transmissions, transfer boxes, PTO boxes, differentials and other units of cars and trucks in cases where the required grade oil API GL-4. FORSAGE Trans Force GL-4 - mineral transmission oils, produced using a hydrotreated distillate base oil and additive package that provides the necessary protection against wear and scuffing. FEATURES FORSAGE Trans Force GL-4 series have following advantages: Optimum wear properties, ensuring long-term protection of gears High oxidation stability prevents formation of deposits, allowing the extension of oil life Improved anti-foam and anti-corrosion properties, compatibility with seal materials Active anti-corrosion additive package components, effectively prevents corrosion when used in harsh environments STANDARDS/APPROVALS Oils FORSAGE Trans Force GL-4 SAE 90, SAE 80W85, SAE 80W90 designed in accordance with API GL-4.

Lubricants for cars
  • hydraulic oils
  • multipurpose grease
  • multigrade

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