COMPOSITION AND APPEARANCE Powder coating made from plaster, calcium carbonate and various additives. The paste obtained is green in colour. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS • Setting time: around 2 hours • Fine grain • Water uptake after immersion : < 2 % • Jointing tape adherence : > 1000 g • Cobb test : < 160 g/m² • PV water permeability : CEBTP N° BEB6-9-3078/2 PREPARATION OF SURFACES Water-repellent plaster blocks and plasterboard must be dry and free from dust. APPLICATION Application on plaster blocks : • The laying of the first row is carried out by gluing the edge and bottom of the mortises coming up from the floor, as well as along the vertical part. • The joints between blocks should not exceed 3 mm in thickness. the second row should be completed in the same manner, with staggered joints, before the adhesive has begun to set. This is important in order to ensure the partition wall is properly aligned. • Allow to dry before starting the third row. Smooth the joints.

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