Municipal Gas Storage



SYSTEM SOLUTIONS FOR GAS STORAGE With the Lipp gas holder Lipp offers a tried and tested system solution which is complete in itself, for unpressurised storage of biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas. This solution is chiefly used for municipal waste water treatment plants and landfills. Due to its design, as well as high functional and operational safety, it also ensures low maintenance costs over a very long service life. This is mainly because the sensitive gas holder is protected against UV radiation and other environmental influences by a steel container manufactured with the Lipp dual seam system. Furthermore, this construction method allows an exact leak test and highly accurate metrological monitoring of the gas fill level. Both aspects are essential for safe and efficient plant operation. With certification according to § 19 WHG for Lipp GmbH and DVGW approval of the gas storage tank, further conditions are met for use in municipal waste water treatment plants.

Tanks, metal
  • Lipp Radiation
  • Holder Tank
  • Tank Landfills

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