DISCOVER THE BEAUTY OF RUSSIA ON THE 4-DAY NORTHERN LIGHTS PACKAGE TOUR This signature 4-day Northern Lights tour takes you around the country’s northernmost extremities, the Kola Peninsula, where clear skies allow you to see the dancing colors of aurora borealis. Succumb to the beauty of the pristine northern scenery. Travelling to the Russian North in winter gives you a chance to immerse into Russian winter magic with its nights lit by the aurora borealis and warmed by the tender glow of the Russian soul. This land is inhabited by unique people, both settlers and the indigenous, and is famed for its natural wonders. Read a fresh review on TripAdvisor of our Northern Lighs Tour by our guest Raghu from India. Raghu travelled with us in late December 2019 with his family and friends: Tour Highlights Watch the dancing colors of the Northern Lights Relish the...

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