You certainly wish to increase crops yields, perhaps start organic production or fight pathogens? Strengthen the plants’ immunity, resistance to pests, revive the old fruit garden frost and drought? Get a great tool for land re-cultivation or landscaping? We have a chemical-free offer for you! Osenum Company is passionate about new biotechnologies. Mycorrhizal fungi form a vital symbiosis with 95% of plants on Earth, and since 1965 Osenum - the only producer of powdered Endo-, Ecto and Ericoid products in Europe – have been testing combinations of fungi with bacteria, Trichoderma, humic acids and minerals. Our Mykosoil can be even applied with fungicides! We invite you to become our trade partner in the world of innovative biotechnologies, the future of agriculture and land cultivation. Osenum not only sells, but also undertakes responsibility for application results, provided the recommendations are met.

Natural fertilizers
  • Mycorrhiza
  • natural symbiosis