NADH 20 Active Plus 60 Capsules

59.00€ TTC


MORE ENERGY FOR LIFE More quick energy, better regeneration Quick energy for body and mind, anti-ageing and regeneration Area of use Anti-ageing and regeneration For enhancing physical performance For improving mental performance and memory For sleep deprivation – night duties – stress – jet lag For restlessness and forgetfulness Libido – stimulant for men and women Anti-ageing and fountain of youth Strengthens heart circulation and immune system Regulates cholesterol and blood pressure For beautiful skin and healthy radiance Recommended dose 1 capsule every day with water. Content: 60 Vegi capsules NADH – The Biomolecule NADH 20 Active Plus Complex – with Q 10, Vitamin C, Rutin, Quercetin and Vitamin E mix Our body experiences constant metabolic reactions (generation, restructuring, decomposition processes) that are largely dependent on an energy source.

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