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Nanocom LLC is a developer of high-performance technology for the synthesis of quasicrystalline powder (QC) AlCuFe; AlCuFe + B; AlCuFe + Si, develops industrial production and implementation QC in various fields. Application of quasicrystalline powder Al-Cu-Fe: Filler for polymers and elastomers to improve physical, mechanical and antifriction characteristics, wear resistance, hydrophobicity and adhesion. Significant increase in wear resistance in Teflon (PTFE), in Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS); Filler for polymer powders used in 3D printing, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) additive manufacturing; Development of new composite materials and alloys with improved characteristics in comparison with the original; Reducing friction losses, increasing the service life of units and assemblies, increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption of equipment as an additive in the lubrication systems of mechanisms; Creation of coatings: anti-friction, non-stick, anti-stick, hydrophobic, reducing the level of deposits and slagging of pipes and containers; Development of new catalysts for steam reforming of methanol and creation of new hydrogen storage systems; Making more efficient lithium-ion battery anodes; Making solar panels more efficient; Chlorella growth bioactivator, antibacterial materials. Nanocom holds a patent for the production method. A trial delivery of 100 g of powder for testing is possible. https: //

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Experimental work with quasi-crystalline powder

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Test report on the effect of quasi-crystalline powder on the performance of the DoALL C-670 M band saw reducer. The aim was to determine the effect of the quasi-crystalline powder of the Al-Cu-Fe system produced by NANOCOM LLC on the performance characteristics of the equipment ofEnergoTekhMash LLC. As a result of the tests, a decrease in the power consumption of the equipment by up to 10% was revealed as a result of the introduction of a quasi-crystalline powder into the oil system of the gearbox and a decrease in the oil consumption of the equipment was noted.

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