NEMO® BO/BS Pump with Hopper in Block Construction


The NEMO® BO/BS is particularly suitable for shear-sensitive, lubricating and non-lubricating, thixotropic, dilatant, highly viscous and crumbly media that do not tend to bridge, as well as for slowly flowing to non-free-flowing media with and without solid content. The difference between the BO/BS types lies in the inlet hopper. The BO series has a rectangular inlet hopper and the BS series has a square inlet hopper. Both pump types are used in almost all branches of industry for continuous, pressure-stable, gentle and low-pulsation conveying. This special design ensures a better product feed into the conveying elements. In addition, the progressing cavity pump ensures speed-proportional dosing of almost all media. In block construction with a flanged drive, this pump is particularly compact and economical.

  • progressing cavity pump
  • positive-displacement pumps
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