NEMO® C.Pro Dosing Pump Made of Synthetic Materials


The NEMO® C.Pro dosing pump is a fully synthetic pump for precise dosing as well as gentle and low-pulsation conveying of a wide variety of chemicals in the fields of environmental technology and the chemical industry. The compact synthetic pump ensures continuous conveyance that is independent of pressure and viscosity fluctuations. In addition, it enables dosing accuracy proportional to speed over the entire speed range. Its wide range of applications includes both solids-free and solids-containing, low to medium viscosity (up to 20,000 mPas), thixotropic, dilatant, shear-sensitive, abrasive, lubricating, non-lubricating, aggressive (pH 0-14) and adhesive media. With only six main parts, the NEMO® C.Pro is furthermore extremely service-friendly and economical.

  • progressing cavity pump
  • positive-displacement pumps
  • displacement pump

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