NEORON Amaranth

Toning soft drink with stress-protective effect. Aluminum can, 0.33 L


NEORON is a stress protector (nootropic), a new category of drinks. The goal of the project is to stimulate biological defense mechanisms against stress and cognitive functions of the brain. NEORON means NEO NEURON. Amaranth NEORON Premium, a non-carbonated non-carbonated non-carbonated non-carbonated drink, which won a gold medal at the XXIII international professional competition in the category of the best non-alcoholic drink. Amaranth NEORON Premium: ●perfectly quenches thirst ●reduces overall stress levels ●improves concentration and attention ●reduces the degree of intoxication ●relieves hangover ●promotes the removal of toxins from the bodycontains cofactors of serotonin synthesis (a neurotransmitter that is responsible for mental stability)

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