The Aqualine v2 is a heating and circulating unit for stall drinking bowls. It ensures the supply of temperate drinking water in winter time and prevents the water from freezing in the bowls. Water temperature is a determining factor for the transformation of food into energy. Cattle always prefer warm water. For example, to heat 50 liters of water of 0°C to 39°C, the animal will spend 1950 calories, which is approximately the third of its daily needs. It can be connected to any drinking bowl line for cows, calves, sheep, pigs, horses, etc. The Aqualine v2 can be supplied in 3 versions : without control box, with control box or with digital control box. Advantages: Very strong heating body made in aluminium with coating Abcite , 100% recyclable Low watt density heating element made of Incoloy 800 (7,5W / cm²) what increases its lifetime and those of the coolant Integrated circulation pump into the heating body allowing a fast and homogenous preheating. ...

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