NEW: Carbon fibre extension device

High stability with full radiolucence


Seat section made of carbon fibre, with joint for inward swivelling. Incl. pad, 215 mm X-ray permeable, 360° radiolucent. Countertraction bar with padding, adjustable for RH or LH extension. Extension bars of carbon fibre, 1,400 mm long, 360° radiolucent. Each extension bar swivellling 45° outwards and 20° inwards. Extension slides made of aluminium, with mounting for the traction unit, height adjustable. Sliding traction unit infinitely adjustable on the bar, adjustable in all directions by ball-and-socket joint Incl. 2 supports, fixed to the bars by attachment clamps. Standard accessories: ----------------------------- 1 seat section, carbon fibre, with upholstery 2 extension bars, carbon fibre 2 extension bar supports, SST 2 extension shoes for adults 1 countertraction rod for supine position

Surgical apparatus and equipment
  • Hip surgery extension device
  • orthopaedic surgery
  • orthopaedics and traumatology

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Manufacture Made in Germany

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SCHMITZ Carbon extension device

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