NIL Serie Water Meter Class C (R160) - Single-Jet Dry Dial Water Meter From DN15 to DN20



Single-Jet Dry Type (Cold) Water Meters / Display on 9-roller counter mechanism / %100 Brass body / Non return valve / Magnetic field protection / From DN15 ~ DN20 dimension / Measuring range R100 - Class B / Optional Pulse, M-Bus,RF (Radio Frequency) outputs / Hermetically sealed register (IP68) / Electrostatic e/p powder painted / Water temperature up to 50°C / 2 years of warranty ** Certifacates: •2014/32/EU - MID MI-001 Water Meter •EU Type Examination Certificate •Module D- EU Verification Certificate •ISO 4064:2015 / EN14154-1:2005, OIML R 49:2006 •ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015 *** For the variety of implementation conditions appropriate threaded connection unions, as well as special versions are available - individual water meters for manifold, valve, water meter fittings and parts provide as optional devices.

Product information

Conformity - Accurancy
ISO4064- OIML R49 , EN14154 (MID Approved)
Nominal Diameter DN
Measuring Nominal Flowrate R(Q3/Q1)
R160 (MID Approval)
Metrological Class
Class C ( ISO )