Total control: The AV4m`s sophisticated microelectronics and a LCD-display make sure you know what`s going on at any point throughout the charging process. Whether State of function, state of charge or charged capacity, of every single battery- you know what`s occurring. Kill 4 birds with one stone: The AV4m charger is capable of either charging, or discharging 4 Mignon- (AA) or Micro- (AAA) batteries at once. Cycle-function: Full battery capacity from the beginning through the cycling function, whereby the charger loads/unloads the cell in a cycle until the max. Capacity is reached. Safety first: Malfunctioning batteries, battery full, as well as temperature detection guarantee a safe charging process throughout. Overcharged or destroyed batteries are no longer a matter of concern when using the AV4m and its high-end diagnosis technology. Features:

Product features

Input 100VAC - 240VAC / 50 - 60Hz
Weight 0.4 KG
Dimensions [L x W x H ] 145x70x45mm
Output max. 18 Watt
Scope of Delivery Charger, AC-Cord, Auto- Adapter
Certificates CE
Operating Temperature 0°C to +40°C

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