Novelis is the global leader in rolled aluminum products and aluminum beverage can recycling. Our technical competence and innovation have made us a development partner chosen by leading companies from the automotive, building, printing and packaging industries, among others. With its customer orientation and strong industrial performance, Novelis plays a crucial part in shaping products for the future. The aluminium content means that there is only slight thermal length variation, just like with metal tubes. In addition, the tubes become completely oxygen-impermeable, which is indispensable when connecting radiators, for example. Using state-of-art production facilities and experienced specialists, Novelis ensures top quality in the manufacture of its products – across the entire production process, from casting and processing the ingots via hot and cold rolling, to packaging.

Pipes and tubes, aluminium
  • compound tubes
  • rolled aluminum
  • NOVALTUBE™ aluminium
  • recycled aluminium cans
  • metal tubes
  • Cooling technology
  • Regenerative energies
  • aluminium coils

Product features

Gauge 0.20 – 1.5 mm
Width min. 30 mm
Inside diameter 400 mm & 500 mm
Outside diameter max. 1800 mm
Temper HO (soft)
Surface cleaned/degreased
Roughness Ra < 0.8 micro
Standards DIN EN 485

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