Effective NOx reduction systems offered by INSTAL-FILTER SA are combination of proven technologies based on long-term experiences and innovative technology. They are characterized by low cost consumption and great availability. To meet the binding law, INSTAL-FILTER SA offers the following NOx technologies: --> SNCR Selective, non-catalytic reduction method applied in high fumes temperatures of gases 850 – 1080 °C --> SCR Selective, catalytic reduction method applied in low temperatures of gases 180 – 470 °C --> COMBINED METHOD Combination of SNCR and SCR methods As an agent, which reduces the NOx, there are applied: --> Urea - (NH2) 2CO --> Ammonia - NH3 --> Ammonia water - NH4OH Taking economic aspect into accounts it is important to reduce the NOx level also on the grounds of primary methods.

Air purification - equipment and systems
  • NOx emission reduction
  • emissions reduction
  • industrial filters

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