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LLC NPP ATP is a company with a broad and rich background and long-term experience in design, development and production of high-tech training systems for oil and gas industry and power engineering. The company experts have wide experience gathered over the years in creating: - computer-based dispatcher simulators, allow to train operators and dispatchers, help them acquire and develop skills to respond to typical, standard and non-standard situations, build up balance models and handle product transport operations - workbenches for power system physical simulation used for training power engineers - hydrodynamic models of branching pipeline systems, tank farms and storages, energy systems for production enterprises, including simulation of non-standard and emergency operation modes - technological equipment models including measuring and metering systems, diagnostic systems, power engineering systems - mathematical simulation for oil and gas industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgy The distinctive feature of such complexes is an in-depth research and investigation into mathematical models, active visualization of processes on the dispatcher control screen, on the interactive whiteboards displaying 3D object models and on operating workbenches. This experience was successfully used when creating laboratories, training workbenches and simulators for vocational higher educational institutions and corporate educational establishments including AO "Gazprom" and AO "Transneft"

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Installed in the instructor’s automated workstation is a mathematical model of two parallel oil pipeline sections, each having 3 different-type oil pump stations. The whole simulating system complex allows to imitate: - operation of the equipment of the oil pump station and its linear section; - start and stop of fluid pumping operations; - place the pipeline in the technological operating conditions as required - parallel-serial pumping operations; - pressure regulation system operation; - evaluation of the effect the looping lines and the booster pumps have on the pipeline performance; - pipeline ruptures and calculation of oil leakage volume. The instructor has the option of setting up: - non-standard situations, - all protection / safety systems for the equipment and station, - equipment failure, - emergency situations in any pipeline section: - imitation of the scraper/PIG/prover launcher station operations.


The workbench can be interfaced with the oil pump station operator simulator, the dispatcher simulator, the microprocessor-based automatic control system simulator which allows to see the effect the tank performance has on the automatic control system and the hydraulic circuits.


Trainer’s AWS shall be connected to the stand. It controls the equipment of the stand and collects data. Trainer’s AWS is a server. Data collection, storage and display is carried out in the DMPipe software. The total length of pipelines placed on the stand (from the pump exit to the entrance to the railway tank along a linear section) is at least 12 m. The pump is controlled using frequency control using the control panel (CP).


The ICSM, accurately and exactly representing the technological site, should have necessary and obligatory elements, i.e. dynamically changing illumination of the technological process components as well as moving fluids and devices launched into the pipeline which imitate the process flow dynamics. The process flow mathematical model is used to control the operation of the entire dynamic part of the ICSM model. The gas-dynamic model makes real-time calculations for the pressure, flow rate and temperature values throughout the whole length of the pipeline system. In its turn, the technological process is controlled from the touch-screen control panel. Such a design of the ICSM complete with the control panel guarantees that trainees are sure to take interest in the on-going process and it also allows them to join in controlling the process and to change parameters in the process operating conditions.

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