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Outdoor access Nodes NSBox


The NSBox access Nodes are devised for the deployment of protected outdoor Video Surveillance systems. The Nodes provide trouble proof operation of connected video cameras with a secure power supply, reliable data transmission, and protection of sensitive equipment from surges caused by lightning and power fluctuations. It is a perfect technology solution for time and money saving in any outdoor Video Surveillance projects for a large-scale area ranging from construction sites, parking lots, hotels, parks, shopping mall, sports facilities, airports, railways, bridges, and highways. The basic equipment of the NSBox-242 includes: wall mounting brackets, mounting plate with DIN-rails, terminal blocks, a two-pole circuit breaker, an electrical grounding bar, a fan with a thermostat, a set of cable glands. These modules can also be included in the assembly: Unmanaged Industrial switch: uplink 2 SFP/1G, 4 ports TP/1G PoE 30W;

Product information

Input voltage
100 - 240VAC
Power consumption
300 W (no more)
Enclosure material (cabinet, door)
Sheet steel, powder-coated
Protection category
IP66/NEMA4 | IK08
Enclosure mounts
Wall or pole mount with NSBon-01 kit
Operating Temp
-40°C to +60°C
Dimensions (no cable glands)
300 x 300 x 210 or 380 x 380 x 210mm for R
Shipping weight (approx.)
12 kg | 22 kg for R (with batteries)
Fibre-optic distribution frame (ODF)
complete with SC/LC adapters, pigtails, patch cords
Heater with thermostats (for H)
NSBon-18 option, Fan Heater
Uninterruptible Power Supply (for R models)
CR-48VDC-155VA with mounting kit for batteries 7Ah x4