NTC temperature sensor 1 kΩ epoxy resin coated

Medical Technology/ Pharmacy

1.55€ TTC


NTC temperature sensors coated with epoxy resin have a very low temperature tolerance classification and a wide measuring range of -40…+150 °C.

Product features

Name NTC temperature sensor
Sensor NTC
Temperature measuring range -40...+150 °C
Nominal resistance 1 kΩ
Resistance tolerance ±1%
Response time temperature 1 s in liquids
Housing Epoxy resin coated
Beta constant 3348 K ±1.0%
Self heating 0.85 mW/K
Connection wires Ø 0.5 x 65 mm, 10 mm uninsulated, silver-plated copper with white Teflon® insulated
Dimensions Ø2.5 x 69 mm
Producer Measurement Specialties, Inc.
Producer article number 1K2A1B
Weight 0.0014 kg

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