NTC temperature sensor 10 kΩ ±5%

Building automation

0.65€ TTC


Wired NTCs have been specifically designed to measure high temperatures with an extremely short response time. Their minimal dimensions can be used in small measuring places and for fast temperature changes.

Product features

Name NTC temperature sensor
Sensor NTC
Temperature measuring range -55...+155 °C
Nominal resistance 10 kΩ
Resistance tolerance ±0.5%
Beta constant 3950 K ±3%
R/T Characteristics 4901 K
Response time temperature ca. 12 s
Self heating Approx. 3.5 mW/K
Max. power loss Approx. 200 mW
Connection wires copper, tin-coated
Dimensions Ø3.5 mm, Wires: Ø0.5 x L36 mm
Producer Epcos
Producer article number B57891M103J
Weight 0.0014 kg

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