When compiling the Alphabet book the author used his 30-year experience as a speech therapist, which for the first time made it possible to combine literacy training with the prevention of errors in writing that occur at school age. The Alphabet book is based on the traditional approach to teaching reading in Russian, complementing the traditional approach with an original way of teaching a child to understand a letter combination as a whole graphic element – a syllable as a unit of reading (later letters). The Alphabet book does not have an entertaining or engaging character, its task is to provide the child with the fastest mastering of reading techniques, which should give children joy and pleasure as a reward for their work. We hope that our children, having mastered reading without much difficulty, will take up the book as a tool of culture and a source of knowledge.

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ISBN 978-5-699-47515-5
Pages 96
Weight 320 g.
Dimensions 275x225x10 mm
Binding Hard cover (197x255)

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