This amazing Nail Punch set drives nails flush or below the surface of the wood without damaging the surrounding wood. • Round Head or Square Head punches are made from Tool Steel. • Hardened and Tempered. • Available in individual sizes and also in a set of five in plastic pouch. Item Code No.Tip Dia. InchTip Dia. mmBody Dia. InchBody Dia. mm While placing Order please mention Square Head or Round Head ABM-PN-98901/161.5375 ABM-PN-98915/6424100 ABM-PN-98923/322.54100 ABM-PN-98931/834100 ABM-PN-98949/643.64100 ABM-PN-98955/3244100 ABM-PN-98963/1654100 ABM-PN-98971/46.35125 ABM-PN-98985/1684100 ABM-PN-98993/89.56150 ABM-PN-9756Set of 5 Nail Punches in a Pouch consisting of 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 5/32" and 3/16"

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