The Natron™ ST soft touch ink line is formulated for pad printing or screen printing onto difficult to print substrates such as textiles, soft touch, and rubber like substrates. Examples of soft touch products include soft touch pens, rubberized soft touch stylus, soft touch cell phone covers, etc. The ST series pad printing inks have very high opacity and quick air drying time. These features make the ST series ink for soft touch ideal ink for pad printing. The ST series can be used as a one- or two-part pad printing ink. Adding the Natron i-300x hardener increases the ST Series inks abrasion resistance. The Natron ST Series pad printing ink for soft touch is available in 20 standard high opacity colors, 2 metallic colors and 4-color process colors. In addition, custom colors are available within 8 hours upon request.

Pad printing
  • pad printing of fabrics and textile products
  • pad printing ink for soft touch
  • screen printing for clothing