Natron™ SilTex™ silicone ink line is a two component multi purpose screen printing silicone ink. This ink is formulated for Direct screen printing, Transfer printing, and 3D printing. The inks are developed with the purest silicone polymers. This was to ensure that prints are durable and deliver the ultimate stretch and feel on textiles. And, unlike standard screen silicone printing inks, this ink comes ready to use. There are no toners. Just ink! These silicone textile printing inks are formulated for printing onto most textiles. The SilTex inks features: - Durable prints / Excellent adhesion - Low drying temp. (212°F – 250°F) - Extreme flexibility (500X) - Very opaque and glossy colors - Excellent Print-ability - Anti-dye migration - 3D, Transfer, Puff prints capable - Washing and abrasion resistance - PVC free

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