Natural Adventure Tour "SOFI OMER CAVES" of Bale -



This package combines two attractions: Bale Mountains National Park and Sof Omer Caves. Both attractions can be visited in minimum five days trip. The logic for combining is that both sites are on the same route. According to Unesco Sof Umer caves is “one of the world’s most spectacular and extensive underground caverns” , and that is why we highly recommend you to se this amazing part of the world. What you Do ? Discover the nature worked architecture pillars of milestone pillars 20 matters ( 66 feet) Observe Sof Omar’s large central hall, the ‘Chamber of Columns’, which is one of the highlights of the cave system. Tray walking into the caves with the help of young local boys who are tourist friendly and glad to show you around. Enjoy the Weib River vanishes into this giant underground world with its arched portals, high eroded ceilings, and deep, vaulted echoing chambers What you See: The only living creatures arc bats and fish.