PRODUCT : OLEORESIN CAPSICUM 5-70% 5,000-15,000 CU DESCRIPTION : Obtained by solvent extraction of the dried pods of Indian red chillies, Capsicum annuum L. or Capsicum frutescens L. (Family : Solanaceae) SPECIFICATIONS Appearance : Dark red viscous liquid. Colour Value** : 5,000 to 15,000 cu Residual Solvent*** : 20 ppm max. Extraction solvent : Acetone-Hexane/Methanol Additives(optional): Mono and diglycerides of edible vegetable oils (E-471) Refined sunflower oil Dispersibility/Solubility: Can be dispersed on dry/liquid carriers such as salt, dextrose, edible oils and lecithin. Partially soluble in alcohol and fixed oils. Microbiology #Total Plate Count :< 10cfu/ gm ##Total Yeast and Mould Count: < 10cfu/ gm ###E. coli : <3MPN/g ####Salmonella : Absent in 25gm PACKING 200, 25 kg steel drums; 20, 10 kg HDP pails/jars STORAGE Store in full, tight containers in a cool dry place protected from light and oxidation

Oils, nonfood
  • essential oils

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