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Natural oil is formulated from winterized raw CO2 extracts and base oil. After the 1st stage of winterization (partial removal of waxes from the extract, using ethanol and low temperatures) of raw CO2 extract, most of the waxes are removed. Extract becomes fully liquid and homogeneous. Therefore the liquid extract is easily mixed with oils which allows us to achieve high CBD/CBG concentrations, and maintain the fluidity of the product. The wax removal process used in Natural oil formulations distinguishes us in quality of product from the majority of the market. Natural oils contain chlorophyll, they are mildly bitter in taste and dark green in color. Variations of color and taste depend of the potency of the product and batch of extract. The product is nondecarboxylated and contains neutral and acid forms of CBD/CBG (i.e. CBD/CBG and CBDA/CBGA).