UNIS FAGAS Bosnia and Herzegovina

Natural Gas Stations


UNIS FAGAS projects, manufactures installs in buildings and puts into operation the gas stations: 1.for all gaseous fluids, 2.for all pressures, 3.for all flows. Upon customer’s order, we deliver: 1.cross boarder metering stations 2.transport line metering stations 3.check metering stations 4.city gate stations 5.all metering and regulating gas stations on distribution network 6.industrial gas stations 7.block gas stations 8.pig lunching and receiving stations Regulating and metering/regulating gas stations may be: 1.single line, 2.double line, 3.multiple line, 4.single stage regulation, 5.multistage regulation, 6.single regulating system, 7.monitor regulating system, 8.combination of above stated.

Gas extraction - systems and equipment
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