The ECO-AUTOMASTIK is a NATURAL RUBBER ADHESIVE used on the general processing of JUNTERY. Adapt for who wants to apply the glue only on a part. It is called ECO because the company uses only raw materials with law environmental impact. CHARACTERISTICS : Viscosity : 5500 - 6000 cPs Colour : Amber USING INSTRUCTIONS : Apply an homogeneous coat upon one of the two parts has to be sticked, way for the evaporation of the solvents and then stick the two parts. The products has to be conserved in the original tins well closed and in a cool and dry place. N.B.: All the indications over reported are without obligation and warranty. PACKAGING : Kg 800 - Kg 200 - Kg 40 - Kg 13 - Kg 8 Kg 3,5 - Kg 1

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