Natural linseed porridge - Sachet 30 g

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Lean product - Leovit Linseed Porridge for weight loss is recommended for those who look after their appearance, amino acids and phytoestrogens are necessary to maintain the beauty and health of skin and hair. Linseed porridge affects fat metabolism, helps control blood cholesterol levels. Accelerates bowel motility and improves the excretion of metabolic products from the body. Supports heart function due to its high potassium content. Natural linseed porridge contains neither salt nor sugar, which means it is ideal for those who control body weight. One serving (1 sachet) contains: proteins 9 g, fats 4.8 g, carbohydrates 3 g, dietary fiber 9 g, energy value 90 kcal. Proper nutrition for a reasonable price!