We are the largest Stockist of Naval Brass Plates in India.Naval Brass C46400 is nominally composed of 60% copper, 39.2% zinc and 0.8% tin. The alloy is also noted for its resistance to wear, fatigue, galling, and stress corrosion cracking. Typical Uses for C46400 Naval Brass "Lead Free": 1.BUILDERS HARDWARE: Lock Pins 2.ELECTRICAL: Precision Shipboard Equipment 3.FASTENERS: Rivets, Bolts, Nuts 4.INDUSTRIAL: Welding Rod, Condenser Plates, Structural Uses, Valve Stems, Balls, Heat Exchanger Tube, Aircraft Turn Buckle Barrels, Bearings, Dies, Golf Ball Production, Pressure Vessels, Bearings, Bushings, Hub Cones. 5.MARINE: Propeller Shafts, Marine Hardware, Decorative Fittings, Shafting, Propeller Shafts, Turn buckles. Chemical Composition of Naval Brass. Copper = 59 - 62 %. Iron = 0.1 max %. Lead = 0.2 max % Tin = 0.50 - 1.00 % Zinc = Remainder Thickness available = 10 mm to 50 mm Length & Width = As per Clients requirement

Foundries - copper, bronze and brass
  • brass
  • non-ferrous metals

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